Siding: Investment For Your Home

Does your house need some extra protection? You’ll definitely want to invest in siding for your home if you live an area prone to natural disasters and the whims of wild weather. Hurricanes, heavy rains, hail, and strong winds can all eat away at the exterior of your home, destroying the finish as well as diminishing its value. Siding can help defend your home against weather attacks and keep it looking good for years to come. Siding doesn’t have to be an eyesore either. There are many materials, finishes, and designs available that can compliment your home and even increase its curb appeal and overall value.

One of the most attractive materials for siding that comes with a range of options is wood. There are many different types that can be used, each with individual benefits and downfalls, as well as many ways to treat and paint it to suit your tastes. Common styles include clapboard, which is horizontal rows that overlap one another, and shingles. If you’re on a budget, plywood siding is inexpensive and easily repaired. While it can be affordable and highly customizable, wood siding also has some downfalls. It can become warped and therefore needs to be maintained every few years. It also has the potential to attract termites or other pests that can cause a great amount of destruction.

Plastic siding is quickly gaining popularity due to its longer lifetime than wood, easier maintenance, and the increasing options available. Cheap plastic siding may be tempting, but it can easily crack and fade, resulting in a very shabby appearance. The material is also difficult to dispose of since it can’t be recycled or burned. However, there is almost any color possibility imaginable and more quality plastic siding is available that is more resistant to damage as well as being stylish. Some neighborhoods have rules regarding what siding styles and materials can be used in order to deter a neighborhood filled with dilapidated siding.

Although not nearly as common, some people choose metal siding to protect their home. It certainly doesn’t suit the architecture and appearance of every home, but it is extremely durable, easy to maintain, and not susceptible to termites, rotting, cracking, or other issues that wood and plastic face. If metal siding might suit your home, remember that it is quite expensive and more difficult to install, generally requiring professional assistance.

If you want a classic as well as practical siding, masonry might be your best choice. Stone or brick is used to create an appealing wall. There are many different tints and designs that can be created and the results are often quite attractive. Masonry siding is one of the most durable and long-lasting available, but because it is so hardy, you will have to pay a good chunk of change for it. While the investment may be steep, a good masonry siding will increase home value and pay for itself over the years.